TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes
by Mark Erik Meijer, MD
Mark Erik Meijer, M.D.

Diabetes Type 2 and “Diabesity” in the USA

“Diabesity” is the destructive link between obesity, diabetes, and diet. The need for dietary changes is a vital part of controlling Diabetes Type 2 in most patients. The typical diabetic American, even under a doctor’s care, has both poor blood glucose control and weight control, which is usually partially due to insufficient dietary changes. Most dietary plans are either too complex or not balanced. Many patients lack the understanding or the motivation to change their diet. TEN STEPS provides both improved comprehension and motivation needed to treat and prevent “diabesity.” While there are many well-written books for diabetic patients, none provide these qualities as well as Dr. Meijer’s, according to both public polls and his patients. TEN STEPS is written in ordinary English, using perseverance and humor, as an instructional or educational book, for diabetic patients who want to proactively improve their lives through diet and standard medical care.

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The term “diabesity”® is a trademark of Shape Up America, a non-profit organization founded by the former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop in 1994. However, University of Vermont Medical School’s Dr. Ethan Allen Sims created it (JAMA 1980; 243(6):519-520).

“If it was easy to lose weight,
there wouldn’t be so many fat people!”

Why did Dr. Meijer write TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes?

After ten years of writing a weekly newspaper column explaining common health problems, TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes is the book that hundreds of Dr. Meijer’s patients demanded that he write! Dr. Meijer’s Patient Education handouts used words ordinary people could understand (no medical gobbledygook). Motivation for diabetic patients to improve self-care is provided throughout his illustrated 150-page book. The whole patient, not just the diabetic, is addressed. Even the home environment is taken into consideration. Unusual humor is added that helps keep diabetic patients and their families motivated to control this disease at their own pace. As stated in the book, the information provided is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between a diabetic patient and his/her physician.

“A pill cannot fix what you put in your mouth! Your feet can never outrun your hands.”

What’s different about Dr. Meijer’s book from the many other books for diabetic patients?

Short, digestible chapters, illustrated with cartoons, make TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes particularly user-friendly. Each of the 74 chapters is narrated like a short story, so that readers can start, stop, or review any length of material they choose. Readers learn how to individualize their needs, because treatment goals are to be reached at one’s own pace. Related illnesses, lab tests, treatments, and medications are amply covered, while every chapter also motivates patients to improve self-care and self-esteem. Trained as a medical doctor, Dr. Meijer is, however, also a natural born psychologist. His subtle humor gives his articles and/or chapters an unique flavor that is truly his own.

“You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken crap.”
“Crap needs to be eliminated at both ends.”
“You can only feel as good as you eat.”

What were Dr. Meijer’s exceptional results with his patients in rural South Carolina?

Over the time period of more than a decade, Dr. Meijer’s Diabetes Management Program (DMP)© proved to be effective and well received by patients. Despite the fact that African American patients started much worse off than their white counterparts, the longstanding gap between black and white patients was completely bridged when outcome data was reviewed! Results included a mean A1c of 6.9 (the national mean is between 8-9), a mean follow-up ≥ 4 years, and a p value > 0.00000002 (which is highly statistically significant). Weight control was also achieved. Dr. Meijer is a Board Certified Family Practice physician whose competence in diabetes management is based on these good results. His free one-hour DVD on “The Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes”© specifies the experience on which this program is based and details how these conclusions were reached. It can be sent by request (non-refundable $5.00 Shipping & Handling if mailed separately from a book order). None of your personal information is released or shared. No funding was received from any advertising and no ads are hosted.

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