TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes
by Mark Erik Meijer, MD

The information provided in/on TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes is designed to support,
not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

A new “Phill” for Diabetic Patients?

Have you heard of “Dr. Phil”? He helps people by being straightforward with them instead of beating around the bush (sugarcoating the truth). So does Dr. Meijer’s (pronounced “Mayor”) book. The country is saturated with books on Diabetes Type 2, but Dr. Meijer’s book has one major difference: his ten-year(+) proven success record! His advice helps normal people gradually change their eating habits for a new lease on life.  The “normal” American diet cannot be fixed, it needs to be replaced. “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken crap.” Dr. Meijer shows patients how to replace America’s fast-pace, fast-food marketing that encourages us to eat more burgers and drink more sodas with his new ideas that encourage us to eat as close to the garden as possible and drink only water (plain, ordinary, sugarless H2O!) instead. How does Dr. Meijer make a difference? He understands how people operate in real life:

  • His readable book educates people step by step...
  • His slogans and mnemonics create aversions to the food he lumps as “crap”...
  • His many mini-steps lead to a successful life change...
Mark Erik Meijer, M.D.

“Your straightforwardness has opened my eyes; in general I had no problem with it. ...[other diabetic advice] is always in shades of grey rather than straightforward. In this [Dr. Meijer’s] diet plan you recognize that you eat to live, rather than live to eat. It makes you think twice about what you put in your own mouth. ... I lost over 45 lbs.”

— Rev. John M. Bauknight, Aynor, South Carolina

“For years I’d spent hundreds on medication and doctor visits, trying to control my blood sugar, with little result. I was at 170 most of that time. I then acquired the book – and within 3 months my blood sugar was 100+5 – NORMAL. I also lost 52 lbs. I have maintained this level for more than a year.
     Is improving the quality of your life worth $18.85? Buy the book! Read the book! It’s fun to read and written in a way we all can understand.”

—Alexander R. Hill, Hampton, Virginia
“Sick and tired of Being sick and tired?
You are what you eat.”

“Eat like an American, Die like an American!!”

“A new diet for a new life.”

The advice of an “ol-timey” Family Practice doctor who uses plain and pungent language that has already been proven to be effective. This language helps explain the fallacies that many conflicting medical “experts” and self-serving organizations provide and also helps explain the goals needed to treat diabetic patients with real success. Don’t forget that 80%-90% of Type 2 diabetic people are treated by Primary Care Physicians! The information provided in TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes, as well as on this web site, is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between you and your physician.


Innovative illustrations, slogans, mnenomics, and analogies are used to help patients create their own psychological aversion for dietary habits that must be changed, as well as clarify the many small steps that accumulate to their previously elusive long-term objectives. A large portion of TEN STEPS to Control Diabetes examines “diabesity,” the destructive link between obesity, diabetes, and diet. Learning how to control diabesity by changing the usual “normal” American diet (high calorie and low fiber) to a healthy one (low calorie and high fiber), and not just relying on drugs or shots (or even surgery!), is a ten-step program.


Treating diabetes at its core source has given Dr. Meijer’s patients spectacular results. Diabetes is rare in developing nations where the food is low in calories and high in fiber. American food is the exact opposite: high in calories and low in fiber. Diet – not genes – is the best predictor of diabetes. Diabetic patients are struggling in a society that is not helping them to stay on a diet that would benefit them. Food choices should be based on nutrition; not taste. Dr. Meijer’s bluntness and his slogans are imperative to help the patient change. His particular brand of language is effective. One of the more startling results of Dr. Meijer’s Diabetes Management Program (DMP)© in Aynor, South Carolina, was that all categories of patients did equally well, including minorities who historically do worse. Both diabetes and obesity were successfully controlled for years. A free one-hour DVD on “The Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes,”© specifying the experience that this program is based on and explaining how these conclusions were reached, can be sent by request (non-refundable $5.00 Shipping & Handling if mailed separately from a book order). No funding was received from any advertising and no ads are hosted. None of your personal information is released or shared.

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